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Perhacs Studio

Migration / a modern oil candle (single candle)

Migration / a modern oil candle (single candle)

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The Migration oil candle from Perhacs Studio is a modern take on the traditional oil lamp. Made from precision machined stainless steel, sustainably harvested wood, and a borosilicate glass tube, combined with a long lasting fiberglass wick. Enjoy a single Migration oil candle or combine them together in different configurations and create an almost infinite array of stunning designs.

THE INSPIRATION / We set out to elevate the traditional oil candle to a new level. In the design process we would think of them in poetic terms, sentient beings with fiery souls migrating in herds across the desert at night, their flames lighting the way as they travel. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do... Happy burning! All candle parts, excluding the glass tubes and fiberglass wicks, are handmade by Perhacs Studio in Los Angeles California ;)

The single oil candle comes in an exquisitely designed custom laser cut package that includes a card with example photographs, info/instruction sheet, stainless steel funnel, and fill gauge.

Overall candle height: 6.5"

Base dimensions: 5" x 2.375" x 1"

Approximate burn time per fill: 6 hours

Fuel: Use only smokeless/sootless paraffin lamp oil (available at most hardware stores and many online retailers)

P.S. You can also use them as a beautifully modern flower vase with the torch assembly removed... Just be sure to wash out any residual lamp oil of course ;)

Product photography by April Staso

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