Perhacs Studio, founded by Brandon Perhacs, is a sustainably/aesthetically minded multidisciplinary design studio based in Los Angeles, California. 

Both of my parents were artists, designers, and makers. I grew up in and around their bronze foundry and design studio. Early on I was exposed to a wide variety of  skills and aesthetics. I gained an appreciation for artistic craftsmanship by watching their process, and how they worked to bring an idea from inception to finished physical form. I came to understand the intrinsic value of working with my hands, and how the act of tactile manipulation informs the creative process, and, in turn, elicits a more meaningful and intentional end result. Through this process I was also able to form an intimate understanding of, and relationship to, materials. By honoring their inherent value, I found the material becomes a partner in the creative process, and allows space for a rich dialogue to evolve within the work. 

As much as I was informed and inspired by my parents and their work, it wasn’t until I was first exposed to the work of Isamu Noguchi that I felt the lights click on, and I was able to see the real poetry of human artistic expression. It’s not about the thing, or the object itself. It’s about the negative space in between, and how you form and color that space. Whether physically, or with light, shadow, smell, sound, or even ideas. Your perception lives in that empty space in between. I started to be more self aware and aware of how my senses took in the environment around me, and in turn how that perception affected my reality; whether for good or bad. The spaces, smells, temperature, lighting, breeze that filled that negative space, are all part of shaping who you are and how you feel.

I delved into Japanese culture, aesthetics, and craftsmanship, as well as Italian and Scandinavian. Over the next number of years I discovered other artists, designers, writers, poets, and cultures that continued to shape my philosophy. The creative work of Eduardo Chillida, James Turrell, Ingo Maurer, Donald Judd, Edward Abbey and Rainer Maria Rilke, were influential.  Their philosophies, and their close relationship with nature, resonated deeply.

Throughout my formative years, I experimented with many types of visual art while also working professionally as a videographer, fabricator, graphic designer, and ad motion graphic designer. 

In 2001 I was awarded one of the top scholarships to Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. The experience there informed many parts of my design direction. After leaving Art Center, I started my own design studio.  Here my creative work has spanned the gamut from industrial design, furniture, lighting, architecture, interior design, jewelry, packaging, sculpture, and everything in between. 

In 2003 I began the architectural design of a large 5400sf steel and glass residence on Bainbridge Island, Washington. And in 2004 began construction. I unexpectedly became the de facto general contractor for the project as well as doing the majority of the construction, electrical, and plumbing for the entire house over the next 5 or so years. 

During that time I also designed jewelry, and lighting for my previous design company, Lichen Studio 

These items were sold in design stores around the world, including MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, and the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore.

Recently,  I designed lighting for an Amazon building entrance in Seattle, and then for the new Google buildings in the Bay Area.

In Palm Springs, I remodeled and did the lighting and interior design on a fairly bland modern home and turned it into what is now known as Casa Black. It was well known in Palm Springs on PeerSpace, for photo shoots.

I also served as location manager at Casa Black 

Currently, I work in my studio space in Northeast LA, surrounded by an amazing community of vibrant creative people.