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Perhacs Studio

Migration Menorah / a unique modern menorah

Migration Menorah / a unique modern menorah

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Torch assembly

Perhacs Studio has adapted our original Migration oil candles into a striking sculptural modern menorah celebrating the festival of lights. Individually handmade from precision machined stainless steel, solid hardwood, and borosilicate glass tubes, combined with a long lasting fiberglass wicks.

All candle parts, excluding the glass tubes and fiberglass wicks, are handmade by Perhacs Studio in Los Angeles California ;)

The menorah comes in an exquisitely designed custom laser cut package that includes the wood base, 9 glass tubes, and 9 stainless steel torch assemblies and wicks, a card with example photographs, info/instruction sheet, stainless steel funnel, and fill gauge.

NOTE ON THE BRASS VS. STAINLESS STEEL MACHINED TORCH ASSEMBLIES: While stainless steel is very hard, non corrosive, and durable metal, the brass version is  much softer, can show scratches more easily, and will change in color and tarnish  over time. We like this process of aging and change over time. We think of it as a natural, and beautiful, process of patina. However if you would like to spiff up, either the brass, or stainless version, there is an easy process to bring both back to that brand new brushed look, that most anyone can do themselves at home with a power drill and a Scotch-Brite pad. We will be posting a "how to" video on our website soon, or reach out to us directly for guidance on how to do so :)

Overall candle height: 7"

Base dimensions: 22" x 3" x 1.75"

Fuel: Use only smokeless/sootless paraffin lamp oil (available at most hardware stores and many online retailers)  

Click here for one of many brands you can use in our oil candles.

Approximate burn time per candle when filled to the maximum level: 6 hours

Product photography by April Staso

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