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Brake Light / Perhacs Studio X Toons One! Collab / #2

Brake Light / Perhacs Studio X Toons One! Collab / #2

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The Perhacs Studio X Toons One! Brake Light Collaboration

Toons One! is a unique Creator from the the city of Los Angeles representing a wide variety of skillsets that he has cultivated over the years. With a foundation in Hip Hop culture (style writing), custom car/motorcycle painting, typography, design, wall murals, and teaching. Toons One's talents have taken him around the world to participate and share his creative skills and philosophy. His style and inspiration derive from indigenous cultures, hip hop, architecture, nature, science, custom car culture, and typography.

For the past several years he has been actively seeking and participating in "creative collabs", with both product manufacturers as well as fellow artists and creators. And it is with this in mind, that we present these inspired collaboration between Toons One! and Perhacs Studio, adding another level of perspective on Brandon's beautifully crafted custom lighting products.

Together making an interesting and striking study of style and aesthetic in a limited collection of one-of-a-kind functional lighting for your home, office, hotel, or restaurant. Join us as we "turn on the lights".


The original Brake Light form and function is the culmination of 8 months of design and prototyping work. Playing with many different forms during the design process, the Brake Light is inspired by simple structural building systems and materials, both found in nature and in the man made world. The result is a perfect balance of material, form, and function embodied in a timeless design. Perfectly suited for commercial applications, hospitality, or residential,  and available in an almost infinite array of custom color, finish, and material options, as well as our standard powder coated aluminum in red, black, yellow, or white, to meet all of your project needs. Whether hanging above bars, tables, and countertops, or clustered together to create lighting installations, the Brake Lights will transform a space into something truly inspired. All lights are handmade in Los Angeles California!


Materials / Process

The Name ‘Brake Light’ comes from the process of brake forming used to manufacture the lights. The materials used were chosen for ideal form and function. Brake formed metal, natural cork, stainless steel button head machine screws, and fabric covered cord, create an elegant modern dialogue when brought together with light. The shade was designed to rotate 360 degrees independent of the cord and electrical housing, so you are able to orient the light to your specific project design.

The cork inserts are available in natural cork color or stained black. The fabric covered cord in purple has been chosen by Toons One!


Illumination and the Soraa LED

The Brake Light comes standard with a GU10 lamp base and dimmable Soraa Brilliant HL LED down light. The bulb has a 620 Lumen output and a color rendering index of 90. The Soraa lamp is the highest quality LED of its kind on the market. The GaN on GaN technology creates a light that produces crisper shadows and makes colors and whites appear truer than traditional halogen bulbs. The innovative Soraa Snap System utilizes a rare earth magnet in the center of the bulb, allowing you to snap on a multitude of filters to change the beam spread, color temperature, and lumen output. There are even filters that can change the shape of the beam to a square or an ellipse. The high quality light output of the Soraa LED combined with the Snap System makes just one bulb adaptable to any lighting application.

The Brake Light is also available with an E26 lamp base, upon request, if your application requires a traditional bulb style, such as an A19 or globe style bulb etc., for a more ambient lighting scenario. NOTE: The GU10 lamp base option includes a Soraa LED bulb. The E26 lamp base option does not include a bulb. The price for either option is the same. If you would like an E26 lamp base please send us a message.


Standard Specs

-Shade dimensions / height: 12" diameter: 9.25"

-Shade panel material / aluminum

-Shade panel color / hand painted

-Shade panel insert material / natural cork or stained black cork

-Machine screws / button head black oxide stainless steel

-Fabric covered electrical cord / purple 10' standard length (custom lengths available upon request)

-Disc shaped ceiling canopy / hand painted

-Standard GU10 lamp base with Soraa LED

-UL listed



As mentioned earlier, the Brake Lights are available in an almost infinite array of custom options. We also do artist collaborations with the Brake Lights like this one. So if you want something truly unique for your project, this could be the way to go. Please contact us directly if your project requires any sort of customization. For example, we have made Brake Lights in rusted steel, brass, copper, and hot rolled steel. With painted shapes, silk screened artwork, and laser etched or cut patterns. We also are available  to design and fabricate any type of modern lighting fixture you need for any type of project ;)



Shipping times may vary depending on your selection. We do carry some lighting fixtures in stock, but many of them are made to order. And of course any type of customization may add to shipping time as well.

Trade and Wholesale pricing

Trade and wholesale pricing is available. If you are in the trade, or a retailer and would like to make a minimum quantity wholesale order, please send us a message and we will get back to you asap :)


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